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Wedding Renewal & Honeymoon Adventure September 25, 2021

Hello Skinbeauties,

Words cannot express how excited and drained we were during this trip to Atlanta, Ga then Fort Lauderdale, FL and finally Grande St. Lucia. We finally made it unto the plane okurrr! Let me say from the beginning my husband and I did not vibe the entire day! What a mood killer!! We finally got our cars and went in the opposite direction. I arrived to my location ready to have fun! I unpacked then greeted my sisters and mom. Of course, LC was with me as a great daughter should be. My mom and I decided to take a drive around the city. We went food shopping and shopping for adult drinks! Let the party begin at 10pm! How can i make this short and sweet, one of us didn't make it. The next days, I decided to give myself a tour of Miami after two days of being in FL lol! What a roller coaster from there. I had hair for one full day and in between henna tat plus, the mall, and food. The day before the wedding I had dinner with the bridal and groom party, It didn't stop there... hard rock casino here we come!! On the wedding day was smooth. LC and I started on hair at 6 am and time flew by like a race car. We began to panic and rush throughout the day. We finally made it back to our location next its time for makeup and freshen plus dress time for the entire bridal party. We thought the end was near when the makeup artist mentioned the payment didn't go through. I immediately began to panic then text and calls from family pepz came through my phone like no other. I was in the middle of my transactions with the makeup artist YIKES!! Nothing went through so my mom suggested I used her card and that didn't work plus my sister IG:@justcallmeskyhigh used her cash app to get the payment situated. Of course it was a glitch in the phones (eye roll)!!! From there I was able to leave our location 10mins late after the wedding start time. No one knew what was going on until the late that evening we all linked up to finish what the rain took away from us. 2 hours of our time together. Eating and drinking on the beac. It was such a good time plus good vibes. Let me just say, I forgot my fans for the wedding and my husband was late and in a panic mood. Overall, we all enjoyed ourselves and after that evening on the beach with drinks and food. My husband had a good time with his homeboys that night. Now, that's another story which included parrty time. We had little to no sleep for 2 weeks because we were all having a good ass time. Side note never let people opinions change what you envision.

Now, let's skip to the Grande St. Lucia with me and the hubs. We intended on relaxing but that turned into party and drinks plus late night and good food. On the first day we landed we felt like royalty! From the services provided were beyond our requests. Such as reservations to ATV, Sulphur Springs (Soufriere) which included the mud bath plus waterfall and snorkel which was amazing and refreshing and hot as hell. On the last day we had candle light dinner with on the beach with 5 course meal. OMG! the deserts were amazing as well. During our last hours I decided to enjoy the moment with paddle board on the beach (very random) that was harder than I imagined. We departed and didn't want to come back home. Pictures of all the fun events that we shared came to life in 2 weeks. Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to love yourself this week!


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