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Power Flow

In the we learned the importance of self awareness and love for yourself. Don’t allow people and places to make you feel unwelcome. You are were you belong. You are in control and you have control of yourself. Pushing through a yoga pose demonstrates the challenge that you take to make yourself better using your own inner strength. be your own freedom. Set yourself free by dong something that will push you beyond your limitations. During this class I felt firey and intense energy. Which should be used to create a balance within. This is the type of energy that is untamed and yet powerful enough to break negative emotions. Allow the breathe to flow in and pass through each organ and your very own heart. If you’re looking for a class that is filled with confidence when you bring to your mat then we welcome you to join us trust yourself and embrace you. From my heart to your heart Nasmate🧘🏾‍♀️


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