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Marigold plants

Hello #skinbeauties this was my first time growing plants 🪴 any time in my lifespan 😂 it sounds funny and sad but I can admit I've never been the one to like plants nor grow in an interest of plants. I do love the to see the plants 🌱 grow and the different colors of these plants 🌱. Here is the process from beginning of the plant growth until now September 2022. I started this in May 2022 I had no clue of what to feed these plants but I used a brand called fox farming- which had earth worn casting and bat guano for fuel my plants 🪴 plus water 🚿 them on a daily basis. I'm learning more of what plants can bring into my life and what it can take away from life 🍁. This experience has definitely taught me how to take care of myself and my own inner thoughts to fuel my body 🫀as well as what's healthy and good for me to eat in order to grow as a women 🤷🏾‍♀️ mom 👨‍👩‍👧 and wife. Quote - "you don't have to be slowed down by the negative emotions and distractions , poor attitudes, wrong thinking that robs you on your joy". Find what fits you and be happy with it 💜💜


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