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Consider emotional wellness bringing understanding of your emotions to help your physical wellness.

Mental Health Resources

American Psychological Association: Here, you can search a variety of topics related to emotional wellness, including anxiety, stress, overcoming shyness, etc.

University of California Riverside: Are you engaged in the emotional wellness process? What is the path to take to practice emotional wellness?

Campus Calm: A website focused on emotional wellness for students.

National Alliance on Mental Illness: One in five Americans live with a mental health condition. Learn more about them through NAMI and how you can begin to manage certain conditions.

Stress-related Resources

Happify: This is an app that I've recently started using myself that uses science-based games and activities to help manage stress.

The American Institute of Stress: I get it - we're all stressed. However, learn common signs of stress and how you can manage them.

Five Things You Should Know About Stress from the National Institute of Mental Health

23 Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Stress: While I can't personally vouch for all of these methods, you can definitely see if any work for you!


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