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Part 2 anniversary with my honey 🍯

To my surprise getting involved with Vegas was my last resort. I needed this break for myself and sanity. I did enjoy all parts of Vegas minus the long walks on strip and off strip 💜. It was good walking 🚶due to the weather and drinks it was so much more 😝crazy. The food was amazing. I didn’t want to leave. But going back is definitely something I would do next year. Imma recommend this MGM grand it was definitely a nice area. Not to far from the strip but worth your money. The Massage 💆‍♀️ was needed after walking soooooo much. I had a full head to toe massage. The coconut oil on my scalp and scrub on my feet 👣 had me in a sleep coma. The consultant was like misss are you okay? I woke up twice and finally came out the room to find the area filled with women with clothes of your choice on or off 😬in the spa rooms heated pool and saunas. Sugar factory 🏭 was a favorite Hell’s Kitchen, Eataly Las Vegas at Park MGM plus more foodie. Overall we didn’t sleep but definitely worth it. More videos and pictures on IG. Love yourself today 💜🧘🏾‍♀️

Pool side

Eataly Las Vegas at Park MGM

Eataly Las Vegas at Park MGM


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